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Why are Bidets Hygienic?

Are bidets hygienic? Well, you may have read the bidet analogy, “If you had mud on your hands would you remove it with a tissue or rinse your hands under a faucet?”. Smearing waste between your cheeks in an attempt to remove it, if you gave it some thought, does sound a little bit odd!

Putting very thin tissue paper between your hand and poop is somewhat risky when it comes to hygiene, don’t you think? but we all do it… or have done it until now!

We have written some more answers to the question, are bidets hygienic? below, This all comes with a bit of warning, you may never want to use paper again! We don’t want to put you off reading but if you are here you might as well know…

The only contact your hand has with a handheld bidet is the handle. It doesn’t go anywhere near poop, which it does when using toilet paper, when you’ve finished using toilet paper you use a handle to flush the toilet, THEN you wash your hands… doesn’t sound too good does it?

Do bidets get poop on them?

Bidets do not get poop on them. Bidets should not touch your butt…ever. Does the poop spray back on the bidet? Well, no it doesn’t. Think of all the things you wash in the sink or spray down with a hosepipe or, heaven forbid, jetwash. None of that sprays back and bidets, fortunately, are no different!

Just imagine cupping your hands and putting them under flowing water, because you naturally hold your hands at an angle to the water it flows off into the sink right? Well, bidets are no different, just the water comes up instead of down!

Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

The good news is that bidets do not spray poop everywhere. This is because the majority of poop is soft, so the water spray does not hit a hard surface and rebound. The water breaks down the poop into droplets which fall straight down into the toilet bowl. Using a bidet means there is only a very small area, less than 1″ in diameter, to clean because the poop hasn’t been smeared everywhere by using toilet paper.

How to Clean Bidets

Of course, everything needs a clean and bidets are no exception. Many electric bidet seats have a built-in UV light which de-sanitizes the bidet nozzle after each use as a precaution. However, if you have a handheld bidet spray or travel bidet, these can be wiped down with a cloth as you would a toilet seat or flush handle when you do a bathroom clean.

Main Image by Omni Matryx from Pixabay