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The New Way to Clean Down Under!

As the modern bidet is becoming ever more popular, Australians are wondering are bidets legal in Australia? Modern bidets are no longer strange looking foot baths that are actually meant for your bottom. Do I need to remind you of that famous Crocodile Dundee clip? “That’s right, not two dunnies but one toilet WITH a bidet”.

Where can I Buy Bidets in Australia?

The best place to buy bidets in Oz is online. and give great information through customer reviews and can help you decide which bidet is best for you. also has a wealth of information on bidets. supplies retrofit bidets worldwide if you like your existing toilet and toilet seat setup. Their website is worth a read if you’ve got a sense of humour too.

Can I use a Bidet in Australia?

Let’s clear up some myths here, all bidets are legal in Australia. However, how you install a bidet in Australia might be illegal. Don’t worry, you can still wash your behind and all bidet options are available but you need to be aware of ACCC guidelines on the correct product to purchase and use a licensed plumber for installation.

Which Bidets can I Buy and Install in Australia?

The most popular bidet is an electric bidet toilet seat however, there are 4 options that you might like to know about so you can find one that is best for you.

  1. Electric Bidet Toilet Seat
  2. Retrofit Bidets
  3. Handheld Bidet Sprays
  4. Electric Handheld Travel Bidets

Why Can’t I Install a Bidet in Australia myself?

As mentioned above, you can buy any model bidet that follows ACCC guidelines. However, how you install them is what you need to check before buying as there are strict guidelines around the correct installation. The problem with bidets is, that in the eyes of public health there is a chance, a very small chance, that fresh drinking water could be contaminated by water from the toilet. Bidets use freshwater via a nozzle to clean your bum. It is possible (but very unlikely) that the toilet may overflow, touch the bidet nozzle and bacteria could then enter the nozzle and contaminate the freshwater system. I don’t want to state the obvious here, but if your toilet overflows this much you’ve got more to worry about than contaminated water!

How can I install a Bidet in Australia that is not illegal?

The simple answer is anyone can have a bidet installed in OZ legally but the bidet must be installed by a licensed plumber. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have issued statements concerning the installation of bidets:

While many housebound Australians may be more inspired to complete odd jobs at home now than ever before, DIY installations of plumbing and drainage work including bidet products could put the health and safety of you and your family at risk, and it’s also illegal.


Alternative Bidet Option for Australians who don’t want to use a Plumber

If you don’t want to pay for a licensed plumber and would still like to use a bidet, Electric Travel Bidets are a great alternative. These self-contained pumps and water reservoir units deliver a powerful but effective stream of water for cleaning. The pumps are powered by either a USB rechargeable battery or by a standard AA or AAA battery, depending on the model. The bidets are cleverly designed so that the pump unit fits snuggly into the reservoir unit when not in use. This makes them small enough to fit into a wash bag, sports bag or briefcase. and have a great choice of bidets from portable to fixed toilet seat bidets.

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Before buying, check that the bidet product, or its packaging, is marked with the WaterMark certification trademark and a licence number. Check the licence number is valid on the WaterMark Product Database. If you’re buying online, ask the supplier for this information if it’s not available on the website.