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Are You Looking for Bedays, Badays, Budays or Bidets? No matter how you spell it, you know that water gets you cleanest. It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it either, bidets have been around for a while. From the Roman baths to modern hygiene, we like the fresh feeling water gives us.

Where Does the Word Bidet Come From?

The word “bidet”, which is the correct spelling and is pronounced “Bee-day” in Europe, comes from the French word “bider,” meaning “to trot.” The term “bidet” also means “pony” or “little horse” and refers to the straddling motion you make on a bidet. Its evolution starts with the French. 

The History of the Bidet

You can spell it “buday,” if you want to. It was invented by French furniture makers in the 17th century as a separate article to clean up in after using the chamber pot. The aristocracy insisted upon them, and when they were gone, people in brothels used them as a way to get clean after intercourse. Bidets moved to the bathroom in the 1900s.

The first bidets were expensive. They became popular in other countries that considered water essential for washing up and keeping clean. Later, there were warm water options with adjustable spray nozzles.

In the 1980s in Japan, electronic bidets that attached to the existing toilet water supply became popular. They worked in bathrooms that didn’t have space for a separate bidet (Or “beday” if you like!) and toilet. The Japanese made the leap to real cleanliness. 

Bidets Today

Americans are embracing the bidet. The electronic bidet toilet seats available today have instant warm water, memory settings, Bluetooth, lights, sprayers, and are extremely comfortable. With the bidet attachments available, there’s something for everyone’s needs. You can even get a travel bidet for cleanliness on the go

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