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Hello and welcome to bidets for beginners! Changing the habit of a lifetime might not be easy and bidets are something you will get used to using. You will then wonder why you didn’t make the move earlier. If you are new to bidets keep reading. We have got some great tips and a few dos and don’ts to get you started.

If you are unsure what a bidet is then Click Here. There is lots of information to kick off with.

Getting Used to Using a Bidet

Using paper to clean our behinds is so ingrained in our bathroom habits, that it feels more than strange to leave the bathroom having not completed this. What will become clear in time is that this is a very odd ritual.

Don’t worry it might feel strange using a bidet at first but you will get used to cleaning with water and wonder why you ever used anything else. For us longtime bidet users it doesn’t actually feel right leaving the bathroom without cleaning with water.

First things first. A bidet WILL clean your bottom… no ifs or butts! The area that actually needs cleaning is very small and it’s only the use of toilet paper that spreads poop around our… well… cracks.

It is tempting to reel off some toilet paper and get down to cleaning with that first but DON’T be tempted! Leave the paper aside, you might need it for drying later. Depending on your bidet of choice, as soon as you’ve finished pooping, point the nozzle at the area where the poop came out and start cleaning with the soft stream of water the bidet produces. You will know when it feels right. Only practice will tell you how long to clean for but approximately 15 – 20 seconds is a good ballpark. At no point should the bidet touch your bottom.

Now you’ve cleaned, its time to dry. If your bidet doesn’t have a built-in dryer, you may want to pat the area dry with a small amount of folded toilet paper and this is the real joy of using a bidet, you will find the paper completely clean! Drying this way does also give you a chance to check everything is ok down there. Especially if you suffer from haemorrhoids or fissures.

That’s it, you are done! Straight out feeling fresh and clean with a bounce in your step.

What can go wrong using a bidet?

There is not a lot to go wrong when using a bidet. However, you may need to perfect your aim with handheld devices and this, you will learn very quickly! The worst that can happen is that you might spray a little water straight past your bum. With this in mind, start off with the bidet on low pressure until you know what you are doing.

If you’re female you may feel you want to clean a little further forward. If this is the case it may be as well to keep your legs together, you could end up with a quick jet of water heading out in front of you.

All this learning might give you the giggles but you will very quickly get it right and hey, it’s only clean water!

Perfecting the Bidet Aim!

This is something handheld bidet beginners need to perfect but don’t worry you will get the hang of it. Unless you have mobility issues, try to use the bidet by reaching behind, as if you were using paper. Start with the bidet on low pressure, gently squeeze the trigger until the water starts to flow. Gently rotate your wrist to ensure the water is pointing straight at the area to be cleaned. Increase the water pressure by gently squeezing the trigger. Travel bidets have a low and high pressure setting too.

Bidet toilet seats have a fixed nozzle which will get the aim perfectly right every time. The nozzle also has various cleaning programs so you can literally sit there hands-free while the job is done for you!

Why does the Bidet not seem to be working for me?

Bidets won’t be for everyone but we haven’t come across anyone who hasn’t taken to them. You also have the choice as to whether to use paper or water to clean, so if you are not perfectly comfortable using a bidet, switch between the two. Bidet novices often go through this transition period before they realise what a pain in the butt using toilet paper really is!

The Best Bidets for Beginners

If you are thinking of buying a bidet for the first time and would like to know if you are going to take to it or not. I would suggest start off buying a portable electric travel bidet.

These small discreet devices have their own water reservoir which you fill from the faucet. Then, with the press of a button, delivers a soft stream of water to clean between the cheeks. Travel bidets are great for bidet beginners and will certainly get you used to cleaning with a bidet. I would hope that in a few months you will be installing a permanent bidet in your bathroom. Don’t worry your travel bidet won’t become redundant. Take it with you when you travel or go to work… you won’t want to be without one.

Upgrading to a Bidet Seat

Upgrading to a bidet toilet seat is a natural progression as you get used to this new way of cleaning. There are many different models on the market to suit every budget and bathroom design. Read our post on Bidet toilet Seats for more information.

Image by Jasmin Sessler from Pixabay