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Last week I was doing some morning research on who might find bidets useful. Third on google’s search list was, “Bidets for fat guys” and it got me thinking, Perhaps the modern bidet could be useful to guys who have got, just that little bit more to love. Now, when I say “Big guys” I mean guys with girth… whether it be muscles or just a few extra layers. I then realised that there really was a need for bidets for big guys.

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There are a number of reasons why big guys or bariatrics may need a bidet. From mobility issues to simply just not being able to reach behind themselves. Recently a video was posted on social media, about a guy whose muscles were so big he couldn’t reach the centre of his back. Granted, the centre of your back is difficult to reach anyway but would this mean he couldn’t reach his behind?

Unfortunately, when our bodies get bigger our limbs don’t get any longer. Reaching around our bodies can become extremely difficult. It is natural for our hands to lack strength at awkward angles and this can make wiping your crack a bit of a chore. Not cleaning your ass properly can start to cause some uncomfortable issues like soreness and itching.

How Bidets can Help Big Guys?

Ok, so we’ve established that not cleaning thoroughly down there causes uncomfortable problems. So how can a bidet help big guys?

If you are new to bidets, consider this. If you had mud on your hands, would you a) Use a paper tissue to clean the mud away? or b) use water to rinse the mud from your hands? Using water to clean between the cheeks is not only more hygienic but leaves you feeling completely clean too.

All bidets simply spray water to clean your butt. This means you don’t have to reach behind and wipe with paper. Press the button on the bidet and in less than 20 seconds you will have a clean ass. If you go for an electronic bidet toilet seat, it will even dry your butt too!

Give bidets a go, I bet your ass you won’t go back to using toilet paper!

Why are Electronic Bidets the Best Bidets for Big Guys and Bariatrics

Electronic bidet toilet seats make cleaning yourself a very pleasant experience. Not only do they clean you but they have warm air dryers to leave you feeling clean and fresh. If you are a big guy, consider a few of the following points and check out the Biobidet bliss range, these bidets are the most popular bidets with big guys because they are built to take the weight. They might be on the expensive side but what price can you put on looking after the only butt you will ever have!

  • Bidets with remote control (Bidet side panels can be difficult to reach).
  • Large aperture toilet seat, Biobidet produce bidets for both elongated and round toilet models.
  • Vortex cleaning, for extra power.
  • Oscillating wide cleaning.
  • Enema function.
Tip: Quoted bidet weight capacities can sometimes be misunderstood. Many weight limits are quoted for the lid of the bidet and not the actual seat, which has a greater weight capacity.

What Weight can Bidets Handle?

Electronic bidets are extremely well built and made to handle weights in excess of 400 lbs. If you are considering retrofit bidet attachments, which have no weight limit, then it may be wise to purchase toilet seat bumpers that will keep the toilet seat in position and give the seat that extra cushion.

Retro-Fit Bidets

Retrofit bidets are great if you would like to use a bidet but want to use your existing toilet and seat set up. The units fit neatly under existing toilet seats and will fit the majority of toilets, giving the same premium cleaning power as electric bidet toilet seats. There are many retrofit bidets to choose from and bidets to suit all budgets. bidets offer two excellent retrofit models and have a wealth of bidet knowledge. It is definitely worth visiting their site, especially if you have a sense of humour.

Check out these guys, they make Products just for Dudes from wipes to bidets.

Handheld bidet sprays

If you cannot reach behind yourself at all, then reaching between your legs from the front may be an easier option. This is where handheld bidets (Bum guns) come in handy. The small bidet shower head is fitted to the water inlet of the toilet via a shower hose and has a finger-operated trigger that allows a soft blast of water through to clean between your cheeks.

Handheld portable electric bidets

There will, of course, be some chance that you may get caught short and have to use the toilet when you are away from home. This is when electric handheld bidets really come in handy. These self-contained pumps and water reservoir units deliver a powerful but effective stream of water for cleaning. The pumps are powered by either a USB rechargeable battery or by a standard AA or AAA battery, depending on the model. The bidets are cleverly designed so that the pump unit fits snuggly into the reservoir unit when not in use. This makes them small enough to fit into a wash bag, sports bag or briefcase.

What causes an itchy butt?

There are many reasons why your bum can suddenly become itchy and men are 4 times more likely to suffer than women. The area may become dry and irritated from using soaps, linty toilet paper and wipes. As our cracks rarely see the light of day, perspiration mixed with tiny bits of faecal matter can really aggravate the area. Using a bidet after you’ve unleashed the Dobermans will give your sensitive crack a clean start.

More Reasons why your Bottom might be Itchy or sore

  • Hemorrhoids (piles).
  • Yeast Infection.
  • Constipation.
  • Spicy or acidic food.