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Camping and getting away from it all can be the best feeling of freedom. However, some of us might still like a few home comforts when going out and about. If you are new to camping, you may be wondering about camping toilet etiquette and how you can stay feeling fresh and clean to make your camping experience just a little bit more comfortable. Using a bidet is a great toilet camping hack and can keep you feeling clean and hygienic which dry camping toilet paper just can’t do. Keep reading to learn more about bidets for campers and how bidets can make your toilet visits in the wilderness a little less wild!

What are Travel Bidets and How do they Work?

Travel bidets come in two forms, electric and manual. The bidets have a self-contained water reservoir that can be filled from any water source like a faucet, water bottle or yep, you’ve guessed it a river. The devices are extremely compact and designed so that the pump unit fits snuggly into the water reservoir when not in use and will fit discreetly into a wash bag or backpack. So no need to use up precious space carrying bulky camping toilet paper!

Electric Travel Bidets

The electric travel bidet is made up of two parts, a pump and a water reservoir. The reservoir is filled with the desired temperature of water, then attached to the pump unit. Unfold the nozzle, reach behind you or between your legs from the front, point the nozzle and press the button. In case you are wondering, at no point should the nozzle touch your body.

By using either the high or low-pressure button, the spray then delivers a soft but effective stream of water to clean, well, where the sun doesn’t shine. Sadly, these bidets do not come with a warm air dryer as with the home models but you are out camping after all!

Portable bidets charge via USB or 2 x AAA batteries, depending on the chosen model. A USB charged bidet can last for up to10 days, depending on the use. The water reservoir size can vary from between 100 to 240 ml capacity dependant on the chosen model.

Manual Bidets

Manual bidets also have a water reservoir that is filled in the same way and the reservoir is attached to a nozzle. There is no electric pump, the reservoir is made of special soft silicon and when squeezed by hand, produces a stream of water through the nozzle to clean your butt. These bidets are simple and great for taking with you if out for the day and want an emergency cleaning device.

Toilet Camping Hacks

Toilets can be few and far between when out camping and you never know when you might get caught short. Digging a hole may be your only option. Although camping toilet paper may be biodegradable, using and bidet and water to clean yourself may be a far quicker, more hygienic option and eco friendly too. Using a bidet to clean after using the toilet, can take less than 20 seconds. I will let you figure out how long it takes to clean using toilet paper!

Campground toilets and using toilets when out trekking might give you privacy but a lack of toilet roll on the holder could really ruin your day. Having a travel bidet stashed in your backpack will certainly make you go phew rather than phoo!

RV toilets can be somewhat sparse and don’t cope with excess toilet paper very well. If you are a heavy toilet paper user and worried about blocking the RV toilet, then travel bidets could be the answer. Read our article on Bidets for RVs.

Camping toilets for Heavy people

If you are a heavy person and suffer from mobility difficulties, you might be used to having the luxury of a big bathroom and all the facilities available at home. But when it comes to camping, time and space can make using the toilet an arduous task. Travel bidets can give you that extra peace of mind that you feel clean and fresh.