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Bidets in the United States are becoming a more popular way to clean after using the toilet, especially for women. With cleanliness being a vital part of our day to day life, using a bidet leaves you feeling fresh and clean and is environmentally friendly too. 

It’s not uncommon for bidets to be a little intimidating at first. For those who have travelled to countries that use them, walking into your bathroom and finding one may seem a little odd but it really isn’t as unusual as you think. 

As bidets become more mainstream in America, it’s great to know that women can now enjoy the benefits of feeling clean and fresh without using dry harsh toilet paper. Use a bidet once and you’ll wonder why you ever used toilet paper in the first place!

The modern bidet is a device that is used while sitting on the toilet and is designed to spray water in the genital area to clean it. Bidets come in several forms including: 

  • Electric Bidet Toilet seats.
  • Retrofit Bidets.
  • Handheld Bidet Sprays.
  • Travel/portable Bidet Sprays.
  • Toilet Bidet Combination.

Are there Different Bidets for Women?

All bidets are designed for men, women and children to use. However, there are bidets which are designed with women in mind. An electric bidet toilet seat has a cleaning nozzle that moves farther forward to clean the lady bits separately. This is activated by the simple press of a button on a remote or control panel. 

USPA Bidet Toilet Seat

How to Feel Clean During Your Period

It may seem kind of unpleasant to be using a bidet during your period. However, it can actually be a lot more helpful than you think. Firstly, we can clean up the whole area just as you would in a shower whenever you like without getting undressed, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Secondly, if you use feminine wipes that contain unnatural ingredients, you could irritate the vulva skin which can end up causing pain. 

Using a Bidet During Pregnancy 

Having a beautiful baby growing inside you can be magical, but operating in the bathroom with a watermelon-sized belly attached to you can be a little difficult. During pregnancy and after birth, our lady parts need some serious TLC. This is where the bidet can be a great option, especially when it comes to vaginal discharge, vaginal bacteria and haemorrhoids. Using a bidet will not only be easier to manoeuvre in the later stages of pregnancy but is also a more sensitive option. 

Can You Use a Bidet Postpartum?

The tenderness and discomfort of the vaginal area after birth can be irritated with toilet paper use. Especially if you are recovering from stitches or tears. Many bidets have water temperature and pressure options, some even have a gentle massage mode allowing gentle water therapy to soothe any sensitivities you may have. This allows for the healing process to be more relaxed, prevent the spread of bacteria and can even reduce inflammation and irritation. 

Luxury Electric toilet seat bidets have a Sitz bath function that can be soothing postpartum, giving instant relief without having to wait for a bath to run.

The Insider interviewed Dr Evan Goldstein, a rectal surgeon in New York City, who advocates for the use of bidets. He goes on to explain how toilet paper can be “abrasive, so if someone wipes too hard or too many times, the thin and delicate skin on your anus can tear, causing bleeding or pain.” With toilet brands doing a good job convincing Americans that toilet paper is hygienic, those who advocate for bidets believe “wiping with toilet paper essentially smears your faecal matter around without actually cleaning the area. The way Goldstein put it, it’s like stepping on dog poop and only wiping it off with paper rather than washing it off your shoe first.” 

Using Bidets to Get Relief from Thrush (Yeast Infections)

With thrush thriving in warm moist areas, it can be tempting to have a bath to alleviate any irritations. However, this warm environment can encourage bacteria growth and make the situation worse. Using bidets with cold water will clean the area efficiently and help soothe the effects that come with thrush. 

Portable Bidets Women Can Use For Travel And Work 

There is nothing more satisfying than being clean, especially when using a bathroom away from home. There are a number of bidet devices that fit discreetly in your handbag that can be taken to work or with you on vacation. Fill the device from the faucet with the desired temperature of water and use the soft and steady stream to clean the area.