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At Long Last, There are Options for the Everyday Left-Handed Bidet User

Left-handed people only make up about 10% of the world’s population, with another estimated 1% who can use both hands, called ambidextrous. Unfortunately for them, right-handers designed the world many years ago, keeping only their comfort in mind. Many left-handed people had to learn to adjust from a very young age. However, as time goes on and technology advances, more things are being designed and built, keeping us left-handers in mind including bidets for left-handers. 

Bidets are a hygienic and eco-friendly option to regular toilet seats and continue to gain popularity worldwide, and Bidets for Left Handers are more in demand. These days you have many options to choose from and whether you’re looking for something temporary or more permanent there are plenty to choose from.  

Bidets for Left Handers

More designs for left-handed bidet seats are becoming available regularly, and any lefties reading this right now should know that you have several options. There are travel bidets, left-handed control panels, you can mount sprayers on either side, and there are options for remote electronic bidet toilet seats built for ambidextrous households. More details on these options listed below: 

  • Traveling bidet– If you’re just starting, there are many designs to choose from for the traveling bidet, and it’s a great place to start for newbies. These bidets are manually operated and will work with either the right or left hand.
  • Left-hand bidet attachment with positionable nozzle – The nozzle can be adjusted with these bidets so that everyone in your family, including the lefties, can get the perfect amount of cleaning every time. 
  • Left-handed control panel bidet – designers built these bidet attachments with left-handed folks in mind, and there are various different styles from which you can choose. 
  • Remote control operated bidets – there are many styles and brands available that are remote control operated, and this is a perfect choice for ambidextrous households. You can also mount your remote control at eye-level to ensure it’s easily accessible for everyone who lives in your home. 


Though the world may have gotten off to a slow start when it comes to conforming to left-handed people’s comfort and needs, things have started to turn around. The bathroom should be a place of solace for all of us, right-handers and left-handers alike, and this article has given you an excellent place to start when out shopping for your new bidet.