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If you use a bidet at home, it is highly likely you will want the same luxury when travelling in an RV (Recreational vehicle). With space at a premium in your motorhome, what is available when it comes to bidets for RVs.

RV toilet paper and toilet wipes

RV toilet paper breaks down easily and so by its very nature, can be a little weak, so we often turn to toilet wet wipes to do the job and these most definitely can not go through your RV toilet. Unfortunately, flushable /organic wet wipes can contain vast amounts of fatty soaps which hold them together. It is these soaps that can play havoc with septic tanks and drainage systems.

Why use a bidet?

If you are new to bidets, consider this. If you had mud on your hands, would you a) Use a paper tissue to clean the mud away? or b) use water to rinse the mud from your hands? Using water to clean between the cheeks is not only more hygienic but leaves you feeling completely clean too.

Bidets for RVs – The choices

Electronic bidet toilet seats that you may have installed in your home are not practical for RV toilets as they need power, but there are retro-fit units that will fit under your RV toilet seat and don’t require power or changing your toilet. The most popular bidet for RVs is the Luxe Bidet Neo 120, they are small and discreet and have a universal fitting plate to fit most toilets.

The basic bidet models have a single nozzle for rear cleaning, for a few extra dollars, you could upgrade to a dual nozzle bidet for a feminine wash that will keep everyone happy! You can find out which bidets have a feminine wash HERE.

Fixed bidets and sprays

Fixed bidet sprays consist of a shower hose with a miniature shower head at the business end. They are usually installed in the home but with some adaptive pipework, they can easily be plumbed into your RV water system.

Portable electric bidet sprays

A far more versatile option is an electric travel bidet. These great little devices are self-contained units, requiring no plumbing. Fill the reservoir with water, press the button and you’re good to go!

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Bidet water temperature.

This is one of the most popular questions asked when discussing the advantages of using a bidet. The travel bidets or washlets can be filled with the desired temperature from the faucet. As for the fixed bidet sprays, they use less than half a litre of water, which will have been nicely warmed in the pipes or water tank before it reaches the important epicentre!

How much water do bidets for RVs use?

Water is always a premium when travelling around. However, bidets only use a small amount of water to get the job done. As a general guide, portable travel bidets use between 140ml to 240 ml of water. Fixed bidet systems use approximately 400 ml to complete a cleaning cycle. I will leave you to do the math but a two-week vacation could use an average of 1.5 gallons of water.

Do you need to dry after using a bidet?

Yes, you might need to dry after using a bidet. The toilet seat bidets you find at home have the luxury of warm air driers. Unfortunately, this luxury may be a hard ask in an RV. Bidets don’t soak you like a shower so, a couple of squares of toilet paper to pat the area dry usually suffice.

RV Toilets with Bidet Spray

Happier with an All-in-One solution? The Dometic RV Toilet 310 Series with a height of 18″ and built-in hand sprayer, slow close seat, and more reliable performance than many other gravity discharge toilets. Using as little as 1 pint/0.4 liter of water per flush. The 310 delivers a pressure enhanced “PowerFlush” rim wash that clears the bowl virtually in an instant! 

Dometic Standard 310-Series Gravity-Flush Toilet with Hand Spray
  • Includes a hand sprayer
  • Powerful swirl-jet cleaning action
  • Slow-close enameled wood seat improves comfort
  • Ergonomic, pressure-sensitive foot pedal: press partially to add water, press fully to flush
  • Dimensions: 19" D x 20" H x 15" W; Seat Height: 18"

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