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Bidets are becoming increasingly popular across the western world and they are no longer an extra unit you need to find space for in already space-limited bathrooms. Designers and manufacturers have put their heads together and come up with the “Modern Bidet”, which simply attaches to your existing toilet and they are perfect for homeowners who want to install bidets in small bathrooms.

Bidets for Small Bathrooms

Times have moved on and there are now four options to consider when choosing a bidet for a small bathroom. Easily purchased online and installed by a keen DIYer, these modern bidets could be a great addition to the littlest room in your home.

Let’s run through the bidet options, to find which bidet is right for your bathroom, but first, you may want to take a few factors into consideration, for example,

  • Is the plumbing easily accessible?
  • How often will the bidet get used?
  • How will the bidet look, once installed?
  • Is there limited space on either side of the toilet bowl?
  • Is there an accessible power outlet nearby?

So, What are the options?

Toilet Bidet Attachments

There are two bidets that fit directly to your existing toilet bowl. Electronic bidet toilet seats, which replace your existing toilet seat and have the bidet built into one sleek-looking unit and non-electric bidet attachments, which fit under the existing toilet seat.

Non-Electric Bidet Attachments

Known as mechanical bidets, these models are very easy to install and are great value at under $50. Fitting the bidet is straight forward as they only require a water connection. This is usually taken from the water inlet that supplies the toilet tank or from the hot and cold feed which supplies the basin.

The basic models have cold water connection and a single nozzle for a male and female rear wash. However, for a few extra dollars, you can add the warm water option and the feminine wash facility!

Non-electric bidets have two control knobs or levers for operation. One which controls the temperature of the water, the other that controls the water flow. When the lever is operated, a fine stream of water is supplied to the wand situated at the back of the toilet bowl, to give the necessary clean.

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seats

Electronic bidet toilet seats are the height of toilet luxury! Unlike the mechanical bidet described earlier, your existing toilet seat is completely replaced with a new super comfortable seat. Contained in the seat is an abundance of functions to make your cleaning experience, not only “hands-off”, but also ensuring your peach is left feeling clean, fresh and dry when you leave the bathroom. These wonderful electronic bidets can range between $200 to a little under $1000.

Electronic bidet toilet seats have great functions including:

  • Warm air drying.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Oscillating wide clean.
  • Pulsating massage with soft bubble infusion.
  • Heated seat.
  • Dual self-cleaning nozzles.

Handheld Bidets for Small Bathrooms

Handheld bidet sprays are the easiest and most cost-effective way of installing bidets in small bathrooms. The handheld bidet consists of a length of flexible hose, similar to a shower hose, which is attached to a small specially designed showerhead. There is a small finger trigger on the showerhead and when operated, gives a soft but effective stream of water for cleaning.

The handheld sprays, are a no-frills, basic answer to bidets for small bathrooms but they do the job and sadly, there is no warm water option. All that said, they are easily installed and discreet.

If you are looking for occasional use, free-standing bidet option, have a look at portable handheld bidets, you can even fill them with warm water!

Toilet Bidet Combos for Small Bathrooms

Thinking of remodeling? or just fancy something completely different with the WOW factor? Toilet Bidet Combinations are the ultimate in sleek toilet design. The combo unit has a discreet, fully functional electronic bidet built into the the toilet.

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