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Modern bidets are the new bathroom “must-have” and Canadians are leading the west into a new eco-friendly way to clean yourself after using the toilet. Bidets in Canada are selling like hotcakes, so what is all this clean fuss about?

What is the modern bidet?

Bidets can conjure up thoughts of an unusual cross between a toilet and a basin, positioned at a height that leaves you wondering if it is actually for washing your feet! New modern bidets are stylish and discreet and no longer an extra bathroom unit that takes up unnecessary space in your bathroom. Modern bidets come in three forms, the handheld bidet spray, the toilet seat with an integrated bidet or a retro-fit toilet seat attachment bidet.

Modern bidet options

How do Bidets work?

Bidets use a soft stream of water to clean your bottom while still seated on the toilet. Ask yourself this. If you were removing mud from your hands, would you prefer to wipe them with a dry paper towel or clean them with fresh running water from the tap? I know which I would choose.

It does then make you wonder why the majority of the western world still use toilet paper to clean their bottoms! However, bidets in Canada are becoming an ever more popular addition to Canadian bathrooms. Leading the western world into a cleaner, more hygienic way to clean their behinds.

Why use a bidet?

Apart from the many health benefits, there are financial and ecological benefits too. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a lot of trees, chemicals and waste go into the production and subsequent use of over 83,000,000 toilet rolls per day.

Are bidets hygienic?

Ok, now it’s down to the nitty-gritty. Cover your eyes and move swiftly along if you don’t want to read about the health benefits of using bidets. Smearing waste between a narrow crack with dry paper sheets, millimetres from your hand, really doesn’t sound that hygienic but that’s what millions of non-bidet users do every day, sometimes twice or three times a day!

Using a bidet eliminates hand to paper contact completely. Making sure we are clean to leave the bathroom can take many unpleasant minutes of wiping which can leave one’s peach sore and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

We have all had that rare but joyous visit to the toilet, where one quick wipe has done the job and left us feeling rather pleased with ourselves. Unfortunately, these visits are few and far between. Bidets will give you this joyous feeling every time you leave the bathroom.

How to dry off after using a bidet

Many of the integrated toilet seat bidets have built-in, warm air driers which blow a soft stream of warm air over your clean area. However, if you are using a handheld bidet spray or portable electric travel bidet a few sheets of folded toilet paper can be used to pat the area dry and because the area is already clean it’s just like drying your hands after washing them.

Which bidet should I choose?

Choosing the right bidet for you is down to three simple points. Comfort, budget and space.

Fully integrated bidet toilet seats have the luxury and comfort you would expect from a premium bidet, including adjustable water temperature, warm air drier and heated seats, all remote controlled so you don’t have to move a muscle until its time to leave the bathroom. These units fit perfectly onto the toilet bowl replacing the existing seat, so there is no need to change the look or style of your bathroom.

If your budget won’t stretch to the expense of luxury bidet toilet seat. Handheld bidet sprays are a great alternative. Easily attached to the water inlet of your existing toilet, a small stylish shower is then fitted to the business end, delivering a soft but effective stream of water directly to where it’s needed.

If handheld sprays are not for you, there are some great retrofit toilet seat bidets available. These luxury bidets fit snuggly under your existing toilet seat with controls for water temperature and flow, close to hand.

Bidets in Canada – The best buys

There are bidets to suit every budget and Kohler, Biobidet and Toto all produce luxury bidets from $100 to an impressive $3000. Handheld bidets and retrofit toilet bidet seats from brondell are great for small budgets and range between $25 – $100. have a wealth of bidet knowledge and can help you select the right bidet for you. have the largest range of bidets, supplying full ranges from Kohler, Toto and Brondell.

Bidets in Canada

Bidets in Canada