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The main reason you may want a Bluetooth mirror in your bathroom is for streaming music and there are plenty of Bluetooth mirrors with speakers on the market. But are they any good?

With everything being digital, there is one room in the home that has been lacking in digital capabilities. I know, I can hear you shouting “Is there not one place I can be without being connected to the internet?”

However, don’t be put off just yet. The bathroom can be a place of relaxation and to unwind. But if you have something on your mind then its hard to switch off. Using Alexa to set reminders while you are laying in the bath can clear your mind.

Alternatively, imagine being in a rush and have forgotten to call an uber. There are some great Bluetooth mirrors with Alexa built-in which will handle these requests with a simple voice command.

What are Bluetooth Mirrors?

Bluetooth mirrors are normal mirrors which have Bluetooth capability built-in. This enables the user to wirelessly connect a mobile phone or PC to the mirror and using the built-in speakers, listen to podcasts, stream music or change lighting moods. Many Bluetooth mirrors now have Alexa for hands-free commands.

bluetooth mirrors with speakers

Are Bluetooth Mirrors any Good?

There is no difference in the quality of the reflection from a Bluetooth mirror to a normal mirror. However, they do have many advantages over a standard mirror. Bluetooth mirrors are packed full of features that you won’t even know are there.

All these features are cleverly designed to fit neatly into the micro-thin mirror frames. With many of the Bluetooth mirrors having touchless technology, it makes using a device in the bathroom a whole lot easier while your hands are full. Answering calls and skip, pause and play while streaming music, can all be handled by voice operation leaving you completely handsfree.

What features do the Mirrors have?

  • LED Clock.
  • USB socket for phone charging.
  • Demisting Pads for a fogless reflection.
  • Alexa capability.
  • Built-in speakers for calls and music streaming.
  • Hands-free capabilities.
  • LED lighting.
  • Cordless technology, take your mirror anywhere.

What are the Top Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors with Speakers?

There are two companies that produce outstanding smart mirrors. provide products that make our lives simple, using Bluetooth technology around the home.

The Simplehuman sensor mirror Hi-Fi uses tru-lux lighting to simulate natural sunlight and is the best bathroom mirror for makeup. However, the most important feature of this mirror is the superb audio.

The audio is produced by a custom-designed high-fidelity speaker, delivering rich bass, treble and mid-tones for a well-balanced sound, so you can listen to your favorite music or podcast while getting ready.

iHome is an established premier brand for audio accessories. So, it is no wonder they produce an impressive range of Bluetooth vanity and bathroom mirrors with great speakers. The iHome All-in-One has some pretty impressive features too, including a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calls and an internal rechargeable battery so you can take your mirror anywhere.

Smart Mirrors with Youtube and Bluetooth speakers

When connected to WIFI, smart mirrors provide up to the minute weather forecasts, time and temperature and many models like the BYECold smart mirror have Bluetooth speakers discreetly built into the back of the mirror.

The HiMirror Slide provides the ultimate in mirror technology. This smart vanity mirror is your very own private 24-7 beauty consultant, which gives beauty, health and fitness tips. It has an inbuilt system developed to assess your skin’s condition and keeps a track of changes using the Skin Analysis Engine.

Track your products and analyze your skin after facials and other clinical skin treatments to see what is really working for you. The real beauty of this smart mirror is the built-in touch screen, so you can follow along with YouTube videos or keep up with Facebook and Instagram feeds.

HIMirror Features

  • Skin analysis which identifies, complexion, dark circles, red spots, pores etc.
  • ‘My Beauty Box’ – a virtual inventory of all the makeup products you use.
  • Skin Safe feature identifies allergens in your products to ensure healthier skin.
  • Five different ambient light settings to help users apply makeup appropriate for various locations, from dimly lit restaurants to brightly lit offices.
  • Touch screen navigation.
  • Amazon Alexa enabled.
  • Bluetooth mirror with lights and speakers for great sound.
  • Make video and face calls while you get ready.
  • Streaming on Spotify and YouTube to keep you entertained as you get ready.
  • Instantly try new makeup looks with the help of augmented reality (AR) technology.