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Bidets are making a prominent appearance in luxury hotels and homes across America and for good reason. Bidets are not only economically-viable and energy-efficient but let’s face it, the hygiene factor is phenomenal. 

In this article, we look at:

  • How much do bidets cost to run
  • How much does it cost to install a bidet
  • How much do bidets cost to buy

Installing and Running Bidets – What Are The Costs?

Bidets vs Toilet Paper Costs

Bidets are cost-effective in several ways, the first and most obvious is Toilet Paper. Fun fact, the average adult spends about $182 on toilet paper, purchasing nearly 159 rolls per year.  So, if you have a family of four, that cost goes up significantly. Bidets eliminate that line item on your budget in one fail swoop.

how much do baday cost

A fixed bidet can cost as little as $35 to buy, saving you almost $150 in the first year, per member of your family. The bidet pays for itself and then some depending on the model of the bidet you select. There are non-electric bidet models and bidet washlet sprays that can be installed without any electric costs. The electric bidet toilet seat or seat and toilet combinations will incur some extra costs, but most come with heated seats that are divine comfort.

What does it Cost to Run an Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet?

Because every household runs differently, giving a precise cost is a bit of a challenge, but to provide an example, we calculated the costs using a 600-watt bidet with an average use of 10 minutes per day. A bidet uses 1/8 gallon (.5 liter) of water per use. With this measuring method, a bidet costs under $0.87 per year which barely taps into water expenses.

An electric bidet with a dryer and warm water will use minimal electricity depending on how much is used. Using the same 600-watt bidet from above, the cost of electricity would be as little as $0.37 per month with the 10 minutes of use per day. That is a whole lot less than your microwave!

Put the water and electricity together for the full-service experience means a bidet will cost $0.43 per month which equates to $5.16 per year. This amount could double depending on the model, but even at $20 per year, you save that in just ditching the toilet paper with plenty of wiggle room in the budget. To get an exact figure, the wattage of the bidets are listed in the specification detail from the manufacturer.

How much does it Cost To Install A Bidet?

Installing a bidet from start to finish takes approximately 30 minutes and can easily be done without professional help. An electric bidet toilet seat could take an extra hour depending on water supply and electrical outlet accessibility. If there is an electric outlet within reach of the bidet, you are still able to install it yourself; however, if not, an electrician could provide the outlet. 

Electricians can cost between $50 to $100 per hour and if a plumbers expertise is needed, that can cost between $45 to $200 per hour. So, you are still saving money every year by investing in the proper installation of your bidet.

Are The Savings Worth Getting A Bidet?

You only get one bottom in this life so it is worth looking after. Bidets will also save that bottom quite a bit of money with the added bonuses of:

  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness
  • Refreshed feeling

Making it worth every cent.

How much does a bidet attachment cost?

Bidet toilet attachments are great value and there are units to suit every budget. Bidet attachments start at around $30 for a standard unit, rising to $80 for a premium dual nozzle unit.

How much does an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat Cost?

There is a bit more technology in electronic bidet seats to give you that luxurious bathroom experience. However, there are still affordable bidet toilet seats which might suit your pocket. Basic models start at around $200. Premium bidets could set you back as much as $2000.

What is the cheapest Bidet?

Manual travel bidets start at about $9 while the cheapest electric travel bidets come in at $22. These bidets are a great place to start if you are new to bidets or if you travel or are away from home and want the fresh, clean feeling that you get from your home bidet.

Do Bidets Add Value?

As bidets are becoming more popular, manufacturers are able to put more investment into design and functionality. This will make bidets a real selling point in bathrooms. Installing an electric bidet toilet seat or bidet combination in your bathroom could really add to the value of your property.

Final Thoughts

Bidets are definitely not a bum deal, well, they kind of are – but in a good way. Bidets add to your quality of life and actually save you dollars every year. It’s the perfect marriage of luxury and practicality.