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Nearly every woman at some stage in their life will suffer from a Urinary Tract Infection. There are many different causes of these common bacterial infections but could toilet paper cause a UTI?

Yes, toilet paper could cause a UTI. Women have a short urethra and this means bacteria can travel easily to the bladder or kidneys and cause infection. So if you can reduce the chance of bacteria entering this sensitive area you might have a chance of reducing your UTIs.

Sometimes faecal matter can get transferred to the vagina by wiping with toilet paper after you’ve been for a number 2. This is why it can help to wipe your bottom from front to back.

It is tempting to buy the softest loo paper you can find but this kindness could soon lead to unpleasant irritation. Toilet paper can contain a myriad of chemicals, from bleaches to dyes and tiny fragments of paper can get caught in the vagina causing itching and bacterial infections.

Bidets eliminate the need for wiping and therefore, reduce the chances of bacterial infections.

Simply fill the reservoir with the desired temperature of water from the tap, push the reservoir onto the pump and press the button. The bidet will deliver a soft but effective spray of water to the area. Leaving you feeling fresh and clean all day.

how to use a handheld portable electric bidet
How to Use a Portable Handheld Electric Bidet

How to Avoid UTIs

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid contamination from toilet paper by using a bidet
  • Wash after intercourse using a bidet.
  • Urinate after intercourse.
  • Drinking cranberry juice can relieve symptoms

There are many different bidets to suit your needs, from luxurious fixed toilet seats with warm water delivery and built-in dryers to more basic models with a small flexible hose and shower head fixed to the side of the loo. A hygienic, eco-friendly way to clean your peach and kinder on your pocket too!