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Can You Add a Bidet to an Existing Toilet? The joy of modern bidets means you no longer have to move from one unit to another. In the beginning, using a bidet meant that once you had finished on the toilet, you had to do this ridiculous shuffle over to the bidet and sit down… again to wash your butt! The 21st-century bidet has everything in one place, where it should be, attached to the toilet. The good news is, you don’t have to buy a completely new toilet and seat, you can add a bidet to an existing toilet.

How Easy is it to Add a Bidet to an Existing Toilet?

Fitting a bidet to an existing toilet seat is relatively straightforward. First, you need to remove the existing seat and clean the top of the toilet. Retrofit bidets then sit directly on the toilet bowl, the toilet seat is then placed over the bidet and bolted down in its original position, simple.

Connecting the water supply to the bidet is also straightforward, however, if you don’t feel competent with basic plumbing it may be wise to ask a plumber for advice.

Toilet Seat Bumpers or Risers

Toilet seat bumpers, also known as toilet seat risers are blocks of rubber that are fixed to the underneath of the toilet seat. The bumpers are put in place to stop toilet seats from sliding on the toilet bowl. They are sometimes called risers because they are used to keep a toilet seat level once a retrofit bidet attachment has been fitted.

The toilet seat bumpers are easy to fit. Remove the existing bumpers from the seat then simply remove the self-adhesive backing from the bumper and stick the new bumpers in place.

Bidets for Round Toilets

Round toilet bowls are usually found in older apartments or placed in small bathrooms because of space issues. Don’t worry there are plenty of bidets that fit round toilet bowls. Nearly all retrofit bidet attachments are designed to fit around toilet bowls, this is because they have adjustable fittings.

However, not all electric bidet seats fit around toilet bowls but the good news, is manufacturers offer specially designed electric bidets to fit around toilets too! It is worth checking the product measurements before purchase.

Bidets for Elongated or Regular Toilets

Elongated toilets are the most common toilet bowl design and these toilets will accept all retrofit bidet attachments and nearly all-electric bidet toilet seats, with the exception of the french curve or one-piece toilets.

Bidets for French Curve or One Piece Toilets

Some toilets have what is known as a french curve tank. This particular design of tank curves at the bottom to meet the toilet bowl or has a concave left to right curved tank design and this could limit the choice of electric bidet seats. Although not a common design, it is worth checking that the seat will fit. The Brondell retrofit bidet is the best bidet for a french curve toilet.

bidets for french curve toilets

If you are really struggling to find a bidet to fit your french curve toilet then consider the bidet spray attachments.