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The Portablebumgun story starts 12 years ago when a visiting ex-pat living in Asia came to stay. After a few days, the conversation turned to the bathroom and in particular, the use of toilet paper. My guest explained how strange it was getting used to toilet paper again. “Why, what do you do to clean over there?” I asked. “Oh, we’ve got Bum Guns back home”. He went on to say, although he was raised in the US using toilet paper, it now seems very odd to get dry paper and smear poop between your cheeks!

Using water to clean made sense, after all, we wash in the shower and feel super clean, we don’t rub ourselves down with dry paper and hope that will leave us clean and fresh! My visitor’s story obviously stuck in my mind, it was a further three years before I purchased my first portable bum gun and that was it, I was converted.

They were not many bumgun models on the market back then and the choice was limited, but I felt so clean and fresh after using this electric portable bidet, that I bought a second device just in case the first one broke or worst case, the manufacturers stopped making them!

Travel bidets are great but you have to refill them. It was another two years before I had permanent bidets installed in every bathroom. My wife loves them, no more wet wipes, exceptionally hygienic and easy to use, not to mention the money she saves at the store.

The installed bidets can be a conversation piece when guests use the bathroom. Some are curious and some are sceptical, to say the least. Once I explain, If you had mud on your shoe, would you clean it off with paper towels or wash the shoes with water? they soon get my point. It doesn’t take long for the inevitable question, “So, where might I buy one of these bidets?”

For some, it can be a difficult subject so I developed, to answer questions that people may have about bidets, like how to use them and where you can buy them and ultimately, which would be the best bidet to buy.

Changing the habit of a lifetime, and ditching the toilet paper and wet wipes for a more eco-friendly and hygienic way to clean your butt, could be a hard task, but buying a bidet and looking after the one bottom you will ever have, could be the best investment you ever make!

Bidet users old and new wondered how they ever managed without one!