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Worldwide we flush almost 27,000 trees per day with our toilet paper use. Not to mention the use of chemicals, dyes and plastic packaging when manufacturing and selling toilet paper. We are literally flushing our environment down the toilet. When it comes to saving the planet, it hasn’t been easy finding an eco-friendly alternative to using toilet paper.

Each person in a household can use an average of 127 rolls of toilet paper per year, this can soon add up when buying your weekly groceries. The extra cost can work out at nearly £300 ($600) for the average family of four per year!

There are a few alternatives to toilet paper, some I can’t even bring myself to write about. Whoever thought the “family cloth” was a good idea?!

Enter the Modern Bidet.

Yes, I know. It conjures up images of strange looking 70’s porcelain bathroom units next to the toilet but things have moved on.

So what are the modern bidets and how do they work? The simple answer is, you clean your bottom with a stream of water while sitting on the toilet, rather than wiping the poo away with a paper towel! Makes sense doesn’t it?

Whether using a fixed bidet or a handheld spray, a soft stream of water gets right to the heart of the matter in seconds, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. A really viable alternative to toilet paper.

Electric Toilet Seat Bidets

electric bidet toilet seat

The height of luxury provides Fixed electric bidets, which are built into the toilet seat, offering such pleasantries as warm water, variable water streams and even post clean drying!

Fixed Hose Bidet

bidet spray bum gun

The less swanky bidets but by no means basic, are the fixed bum guns, offering a retro “fix to the toilet” hose with a small shower head at the business end for the cleaning process.