Electric Bidet Toilet Seats – All you need to know but afraid to ask

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If you are only just discovering the new modern bidet, We will help you get to the bottom of these new bathroom additions! The modern electric bidet toilet seats are awash with useful features to make your bathroom visits a super comfortable and hygienic experience.

What are electric bidet toilet seats?

The integrated bidet toilet seat replaces the old fashioned, freestanding bidet unit. Which not only took up unnecessary space in your bathroom but had you moving from the toilet just to wash your behind.

Now there is no need to move from the toilet seat. With the press of a button, the wash wand extends from under the seat and produces a soft stream of water that cleans, well, where the sun now shines!

Awash with features

Who knew that washing your peach instead of using toilet paper could offer so many combinations? Electric bidets seats are packed full of features. From soft water bubble effects to warm air dryers. Let’s take a look at the features bidets provide.

Electric bidet toilet seats with dryers.

Many premium electric bidets include warm air dryers for drying your bottom after cleaning. When using handheld bidet sprays or retrofit bidets, users are often required to pat the area dry with a few squares of toilet paper.

However, warm air dryers have now been integrated into the toilet seat. Giving a complete, non-contact experience, leaving you feeling fresh and dry when you leave the bathroom.

bidets warm air dryers

Are remote controls useful on electric bidets?

Although remote controls are not a necessity, they can be very useful. If you have limited mobility or wear bulky clothes, such as bathrobes, it can be difficult to select the controls situated on the side of the toilet seat. An early morning visit to the bathroom might find you bleary-eyed too, so having the control easily to hand may become rather useful.

electric bidets with remote controls

Bidets with warm water.

Bidets get their water by tapping into the cold water feed to the toilet cistern. Fortunately, electric bidet seats have a built-in water heater that produces instant warm water that can be set by the bidet control unit.

These integrated on-demand water heaters can produce warm water continuously. This means there is no need to worry about getting a blast of cold water, just when you weren’t expecting it.

How do bidet nozzles work?

The bidet nozzle is hidden from view when not in use. When you initiate a cleaning cycle, the nozzle automatically extends from below the bidet seat to the correct position for cleaning.

There are often two apertures on the nozzle, one positioned slightly further forward for feminine cleaning if required. The other is slightly further back for standard rear cleaning.

electric bidet toilet seat nozzles

Additional nozzle features

  • Pulsating water for massaging.
  • Spiral setting for broader cleaning.
  • Desired water pressure.
  • Super soft air-infused water for gentle feminine wash. Kohler Bidets

After the personal cleaning cycle has been completed, the nozzle retracts back under the seat where it completes its very own cleaning cycle. Using freshwater and UV light to sterilize the nozzle before the next use.

Heated toilet seats

Those cold winter mornings can certainly make your visit to the toilet uninviting. With the press of a button, the seat will warm rapidly to a comfortable temperature.

Bidets with automatic open and close seats.

Touchless toilet seats will bring the height of luxury to your bathroom. Premium bidet toilet combinations offer this great feature. The bidet senses you on approach and automatically raises the seat so you don’t have to. The bidets also sense inactivity in the bathroom and close the seat after use.

Bidets with auto deodorisers

Built-in extractor filters remove the air from the toilet bowl and from around your toilet leaving your bathroom smelling fresh after use.

Can I install electric bidet seats in my bathroom?

Yes, bidets can be installed in any bathroom. All you need is power and water. Most bidets are designed to replace existing toilet seats, so it is a simple exchange. If there is no immediate access to plumbing or an electric outlet, you may need to seek the advice of a plumber or electrician to advise you. A list of reputable tradesmen can be found HERE.

Electric bidet seats for round and elongated toilets

The elongated toilet bowl is the most common toilet design and the majority of electric bidet toilet seats are designed to fit these toilets. However, if space is limited in the bathroom, you may have a round toilet bowl. There are many bidet toilet seats that are designed to fit these types of toilets and you can find them HERE.

Toilet bidet combinations

If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom or simply want the best bidet bathroom experience, Toilet – bidet combinations are a great option. Combining all the luxury features of electric bidet seats with modern sleek beautiful designs, giving that wow factor to any bathroom. Although they are in the higher price range the toilet – bidet combinations are definitely worth the investment

How much do electric bidet seats cost?

There are bidets to suit every pocket and you may find that many of the features are not for you. Homedepot supply a value range that can start at around $240. If you decide to opt for a luxury unit such as a bidet from Biobidet.com a then the price goes up to around $500. Smart bidet toilet combinations produced by Kohler, Biobidet and ToTo start at around $2000 and are as much as $5000 for the height of bidet luxury.

Additional bidet options

If you are still unsure if a bidet is for you. Why not have a look at the handheld bidet sprays. A discreet affordable addition to your bathroom.

Travel electric bidets are the ultimate portable travel washlet, ensuring you don’t miss the clean fresh feeling of home.