FAQ’s For Bidets

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I am a carer for elderly and disabled people. Is a portable bidet good for me?

Yes, this is a great product for those who have to assist people to clean themselves after going to the toilet. It is a much more hygienic and gentle way to help clean up after toilet time. It also means less need to move people around so is easier on the client too.

Can I use warm water in my BumGun

Yes, you can! Warm water can be very pleasant in winter or using cold water in summer can be refreshing.

Why does my BumGun leak?

BumGuns rarely leak but when they do it’s generally where the water reservoir meets the pump. There is a small plastic lug on the pump section which must interlock with the slot on the water reservoir section.

How do I clean a portable BunGun?

The unit should never touch your bottom or come in contact with the poo so should not need to be cleaned after every use. However, it is totally waterproof and to stay hygienic, you can wash it with your all purpose cleaner or disinfectant as you feel it necessary.

How do I charge a portable BumGun?

The Portable BumGun is rechargeable by USB which you can plug into any compatible USB point. As with any electric device, do not leave charging unattended for long periods

Are you supposed to wipe before using a bidet?

The answer is no. Old habits are hard to break and wiping before using a bidet just spreads waste unnecessairly. Bidets are designed to clean the area throughly and quickly. It feels strange at first but don’t be tempted to get busy with toilet paper first!