Handheld Bidets for the Elderly

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As one gets older, using the toilet can become more challenging. Mobility issues, lack of strength and balance are just a few examples of the difficulties the older generation face when using the bathroom. Handheld bidets can be a huge help and give older people more independence when using the toilet.

Crippling conditions like arthritis and frozen shoulder can make reaching behind yourself to clean, extremely difficult. Handheld bidets have adjustable nozzles that can allow the user to clean themselves with minimum effort, from either the front or the back.

Whether you care for an elderly person or simply just want to keep your dignity, a handheld bidet could be the answer. Portable Bidets can be filled with warm water if desired. The push-button operation then delivers a soft but effective stream of water to clean your area. No more hand to paper contamination and saves on paper too.

Benefits of using a Bidet

  • Protects sensitive skin, no more dry scratchy loo paper.
  • Improves hygiene.
  • Improves carer patient relationships.
  • Allows independence.
  • Reduces the chance of infection.
  • Reduces accidents as bathroom visits are no longer a trial.
  • Ideal for cleaning on a commode

What Bidet Options are Available

Portable handheld bidets are small, discreet and can be taken anywhere. However, there are many more permanent options available and these can be retrofitted to the toilet or in the bathroom.

Electric Toilet Seat Bidets

electric bidet toilet seat

The height of luxury provides Fixed electric bidets, which are built into the toilet seat, offering such pleasantries as warm water, variable water streams and even post clean drying!

Fixed Hose Bidet

bidet spray bum gun

The less swanky bidets but by no means basic, are the fixed bum guns, offering a retro “fix to the toilet” hose with a small shower head at the business end for the cleaning process.

Portable Bidet Spray

For a more versatile option, there are portable handheld bidet sprays, which sit ready for use beside the toilet or taken with you on your travels. Fill the reservoir with warm or cold water, push together and press the button!

Fill with water and clean from the front from behind