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Throughout our adult life, using the bathroom has probably always been a private matter. As people grow older, maintaining their dignity is very important. Installing a bidet is one way you could help your elderly parents or senior patient keep their privacy and stay healthy and clean. This article explains what a bidet is and the benefits of buying a bidet to help seniors and elderly parents with toileting. 

What is a Bidet? 

The modern bidet is a device that is used while sitting on the toilet and is designed to spray water in the genital area to clean it. Bidets come in several forms including: 

  • Electric Bidet Toilet seats.
  • Retrofit Bidets.
  • Handheld Bidet Sprays.
  • Travel/portable Bidet Sprays.
  • Toilet Bidet Combination.
USPA Bidet Toilet Seat

Are bidets easy to use for seniors?

Bidets are great for seniors because the elderly person can use the toilet and clean themselves whilst still seated on the toilet. This means that bathroom trips become less of a chore and could result in fewer toilet accidents.

As adults get older and start to suffer from mobility issues, it could be worth considering an electric bidet toilet seat. With the touch of a button, bidet seats not only clean but dry the area too. This can really help older adults if they struggle to reach behind themselves and use toilet paper to clean.

Portable bidets can be very useful for seniors if away from home or on vacation. These discreet devices can be carried in a small bag and have a built-in water reservoir that can be filled from the faucet. A soft stream of water is then used to clean. A few squares of toilet paper can then be used to pat the area dry.

Portable bidets are an ideal toileting aid for carers too. Using water to clean a patient can be more hygienic for both the patient and carer, removing the need for hand to bottom contact.

Helping Seniors have Independence when Toileting

If you care for someone elderly or your elderly parents are struggling with cleaning after using the toilet. Bidets can help retain their independence in the bathroom. If they don’t have to wipe, they may not need their carer to help with this aspect in the bathroom. 

Staying Healthy 

Older adults are at increased risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and skin infections due to age and other health factors. Using a bidet helps make sure that urine and faecal matter are removed from the skin in a gentle way. 

Skin Integrity

Toilet paper can cause issues for older people’s skin. Skin loses elasticity with age. As a result, it can thin and tear more easily even with wiping. Skin is also easier to irritate with age. Using a bidet to clean means reducing the risk of skin tears, irritation, and infections. 

Improves Carer Relationships 

Bidets make a carer’s job easier too. The carer can use the bidet to help make cleaning in the bathroom easier or not have to be there at all. They will also have fewer accidents to clean up after if toileting isn’t as difficult. 

Keeping It Clean

Bidets have many benefits and can really help seniors and elderly parents with toileting. If you know a senior who struggles with going to the bathroom, a bidet could help relieve them of this daily struggle.