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I don’t think I need to spend hours telling you the merits of owning a bidet and how environmentally friendly they are. What I will say is that bidets are becoming a more and more popular way to clean yourself and there are a few companies that are starting to stand out as market leaders of electronic bidet toilet seats. In this article, we look at Luxe Bidets Vs Biobidets and what they have to offer.

Who are Luxe Bidet?

LUXE bidet was started by Dr Gupta in 2008 after he wanted to purchase a bidet for his parent’s bathroom. He found that the only basic bidets on the market were badly designed, gave poor customer service and used poor quality parts.

Dr Gupta had a vision, to provide a new level of bathroom health and hygiene to people worldwide. He recognized that users of toilet paper had very few options when it came to cleaning after using the toilet… until now!

Who are BioBidet?

Starting in 2010, Bio Bidet set out to give everyone the chance to have a clean and comfortable bathroom experience and to provide high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and eco-friendly practices.  

Biobidet recognized that people in all shapes and sizes need access to bidets. Their range of products varies from basic and highly affordable natural water bidet attachments to luxurious, fully-featured bidet toilet seats. Each model was carefully designed to maximize cleansing with a myriad of features to suit all users.

Luxe Bidets vs Biobidets Warranties

Both manufacturers stand by their products and provide outstanding warranties.

  • LUXE bidets provide a warranty of between 12 – 18 months depending on the model.
  • Biobidet provides a 1 year warranty to an impressive 3 year warranty for the Premier Class bidets.

Elongated or Round Toilet Bowls

The most important question you must ask yourself when selecting an Electronic bidet toilet seat is: What shape is the toilet bowl that the seat will be attached to?

Biobidet supply their bidet seats in both round and elongated models. However, LUXE only supplies electric bidets for the elongated models.

BioBidets Comparison

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Where can I Buy Biobidets and Luxe Bidets?

You can buy all the bidet models direct from or but you may find you pay a slight premium compared to general retailers that stock them. However, if you have some questions about which bidet is best for you or installation queries, they both have exceptionally good online chat or email services and that customer service is worth the extra $. You may also want to buy some additional accessories, e.g. installation valves or extended feed pipes which both sites supply. However, it is worth checking prices on too as you could pick up a good deal.

Standard Electronic Bidet Features

Temperature controlAdjustable nozzle positioning
Adjustable water pressureAuto power off
Warm Air Drying Heated seat
PulsatingIntelligent body sensor
Massage cleaningAdjustable warm air dry
Lid night lightSlow closing lid
Satisfying posterior cleaningQuick release for easy cleaning
Soft feminine cleaningAuto wash
Self-clean nozzleVariable wash programs

Bidet Nozzles Explained

Electronic bidet toilet seats use nozzles to clean our butts. Of course, these nozzles don’t actually touch our bodies, so what do they do?

All-electric bidet seats have stainless steel nozzles that sit neatly out of the way in the bidet housing until the wash is activated. When the wash program has finished the nozzle retracts back into the housing, where it is UV sterilised before the next use.

Single Nozzle

When the wash is activated, the single nozzle protrudes from the back of the bidet to a fixed position and then delivers the water to the butt.

2 in 1 Nozzle

The 2 in 1 nozzle acts in the same way as the single nozzle and provides a soft yet powerful stream of water to clean the rear. However, if the feminine wash is required, the nozzle protrudes slightly further forward and delivers a very soft stream of water for, well… the lady bits.

3 in 1 Nozzles

Patented by Biobidet the 3 in 1 nozzle system includes a vortex water stream, excellent posterior wash, and softer feminine wash with bubble infusion technology. Sounds nice, doesn’t it!