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In this article, we look at Luxe bidets with a feminine wash. Modern bidets are becoming a more popular way to clean after using the toilet, especially for women. With cleanliness being a vital part of our day to day life, using a bidet leaves you feeling clean and fresh and is environmentally friendly too. 

What are Feminine Wash Bidets?

Bidet toilet attachments or add on bidets as they are sometimes known, usually have one nozzle for rear cleansing. However, Luxe bidets with a feminine wash have two nozzles. One for rear cleaning and a second nozzle which is angled to give a stream of water further forward for, well… cleaning further forward! The feminine nozzle is superbly designed to give a softer, more gentle spray of water.

Which LUXE Bidets have Feminine Wash?

All bidets can be used by both men and women, even if they have a feminine wash nozzle. There are five Luxe bidets with a feminine wash facility. We have listed them below. The first three in the list are non-electric and the last two models are in the electronic range of bidet seats.

  • Luxe Neo 180
  • Luxe Neo 185
  • Luxe Neo 320
  • Luxelet E850 Electronic Bidet
  • Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet

Looking for a straight-up recommendation? Go for the Luxe Neo 320. For the extra couple of dollars, the warm water has got to be worth it!

Bidets with Feminine Wash Comparison

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What’s the Difference Between the LUXE Neo 180 and 185 (Elite) Models?

The difference between the Luxe Neo 180 and Luxe Neo 185 (Elite) is the water pressure control. The Neo 180 has a lever to control the water pressure, whereas the Neo 185 (Elite) has a knob that turns to control the water pressure. This option gives greater control of the water pressure delivered to the cleansing nozzle.

How do Feminine Wash Bidets Work?

The two nozzles in the Luxe bidets with feminine wash work independently of each other and are operated by turning the knob on the bidet control unit. For example, turn the knob to “Wash” for rear cleaning and if the feminine wash is required, turn the knob to “Woman” to clean using the forward angled nozzle. But you are not done yet! By turning the nozzle between the two settings, the two nozzles will work together and you can have it all going on down there!

How do Electronic Bidets with Feminine Wash Work?

Electronic bidets are the height of luxury cleansing. Unlike the add on Luxe bidet attachments, electronic bidets have one single nozzle which moves forward with the touch of a button. There are many great advantages to having a Luxe electronic bidet installed, from warm air dryers, massaging water effects to auto wash programs and seat warmers! If your budget can stretch to an electronic bidet then why not look after and pamper the only bottom you will ever have!

Where can I Buy LUXE Bidets?

Luxe bidets provide great backup on all their models and are a well established and respected company within the bidet market. They strive to enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future while reducing the environmental impact on our planet.

You can buy from directly or purchase from other outlets such as, where you might find some competitive deals.