Portable Electric Bidet Sprays

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Handheld Travel Electric Portable Bidet and Handy Portable Travel Bidet Perfect Solution for When You’re On the Go

Portable, lightweight bidet sprays to clean parts of your body any time and anywhere. Using a bidet helps reduce toilet paper usage and therefore helping the environment and our pockets too. Great for sensitive skin and helps prevent the spread of bacterial infections like UTIs. Perfect for taking on business trips or when suffering from haemorrhoids, constipation or diarrhoea. These electric bidet sprayers leave you feeling fresh and clean all day.

  • Soft but effective stream of water.
  • Angled nozzles.
  • Soft push buttons with soft spray and strong spray settings.
  • Easy to fill bidet bottles using desired Water Temperature.
  • Use anywhere on your travels, discreetly portable
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How to Charge the Portable Bidet Spray

  1. Charge the battery inside with the supplied USB cable before using it. When the battery is low, the spray will decrease and eventually stop. Charge the bidet with the USB charging cable provided to avoid battery damage.
  2. Open the silicon cover at the side of the bidet.
  3. Plug one end of the USB cable into the bidet.
  4. Connect the other end USB joint with a transformer or computer. The indicator light in the bidet will be red to show normal charging.
  5. When the indicator light shuts off, the battery is full. Remove the cable and close the silicon lid tightly to make sure it’s watertight.
  6. USB Maximum power output should be 5 5V.