What are Bum Guns?

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Bum Guns are handheld sprays that use water to clean your bottom instead of using toilet paper. They are also known as personal bidet sprays or shattafs.

Why do we smear our waste between our cheeks with dry paper towels? The answer is, probably because there have been few alternatives to toilet paper and that’s the way we have always been taught to clean our bottoms.

Think about this…. If you wanted to clean mud from your hands, would you use tissues to wipe off the mud, or rinse them with water? I know which I would choose!

Bum Guns now give you that cleaner, more hygienic option of using water to clean your butt.

Bum Guns can either be permanently plumbed into the water supply in your bathroom or purchased as a portable device that you can take with you when away from home or to use in the restroom at work.

How do Bidet Sprays/Bum Guns Work?

Permanent bidet sprays have a small, specially designed shower head with a simple finger-operated trigger. When the trigger is squeezed the spray delivers a soft stream of water that cleans your bottom while you are seated on the toilet. Permanent Bum Guns usually take around 15 minutes to install by any competent DIYer.

What are Portable Bum Guns?

The Portable Bum Gun comes in two forms, electric (battery operated) or hand squeeze (manual). These devices are made up of a water reservoir and a spray unit. When not in use, they fit neatly, one inside the other, to make a compact unit that will fit discreetly in a bag or pocket.

Portable Electric Bidets

Electric portable bidets contain a pump, powered by a rechargeable battery or in some cases 2 x AAA batteries. The water reservoir can vary in size from 140ml for super compact units for travel to 230ml capacity for toilet-side units.

Fill the reservoir with warm or cold water from the basin. Connect it with the pump unit and push the button to deliver a soft but effective stream of water to your bottom, giving a total clean.

Many portable bidets have 2 power levels. A soft cleaning button for sensitive areas and a regular setting for a quick thorough clean.

The electric bidet has a spray nozzle that can be angled through 180°. This makes the bidet very easy to use if you struggle with arthritis, ageing hands or for people who have mobility issues when struggling to reach behind.

Manual Portable Bidet Sprays

Manual devices have soft squeeze reservoirs, attached to fixed angle spray nozzles. Fill the reservoir with warm or cold water and squeeze the bottle, this delivers a soft stream of water to where it’s needed. Manual sprays are great for a quick hygienic wash and can be carried easily in a bag or pocket.

How to use a Portable Electric Handheld Bidet Spray

How to use a Handheld Portable Bidet and Bum guns

Total Time: 2 minutes

Fill the reservoir.

Using either warm or cold water from the basin, fill the bidet water container to the max fill line.

Connect the reservoir and pump together

Carefully push the pump unit onto the water container, ensuring the plastic lugs locate with the slots and twist to lock. Not completing this step can be the biggest cause of leaks when using portable handheld bidets.

Stay seated to clean

Stay seated on the toilet. Either reach behind yourself or pass the bidet between your legs from the front. Press the button on the pump to deliver a soft but effective spray of water

Use the bidet effectively

Use a circular motion to clean the area.

To finish

Use 2 squares of toilet tissue to check for cleanliness and pat your bottom dry.

Advantages of using Bidets

Bum guns have added health benefits too. Toilet paper can contain all sorts of chemicals from dyes to bleach and users can soon find sensitive skin becoming itchy and sore, especially if they contain artificial fragrances.

For the Girls

Great for cleaning post period, post intercourse and if you need some extra hygiene during the day. It is extremely helpful when avoiding UTI’s and also helps relieve the symptoms of yeast infections, that can be brought on by toilet paper contamination. A lifesaver during pregnancy and postnatal cleanliness, which can often be a challenge.

For the Dudes

Increased anal hygiene and relief from the pain paper causes, if constipated or suffer from haemorrhoids. No itching from toilet paper residue or after-effects from a less than hygienic clean. Let’s face it chaps if you’ve got hair down there, and you are left with arsteroids, who doesn’t feel better after a good shower down below?

Bum guns are not only an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper and hygienic but will save you money too. Occasionally you may want to dab your, now clean area, dry and there are some great organic loo papers on the market.

Made from bamboo, organic toilet paper is 100% sustainable, contains no dyes, inks or fragrances and comes packaged in bamboo paper, so no plastic!