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First of all, let me say, portable electric bidets, whether they are rechargeable or battery-powered, really do what they were designed for. When selecting the best electric travel bidet, your choice will depend on size, water capacity and portability. In a hurry?

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If you are used to having a bidet in your bathroom at home, then the chances are you will really miss that super clean, fresh feeling when you are travelling or on holiday. Let me tell you, I know how you feel! I have been a bidet user for 7 years and I couldn’t live without one. In fact, my first bidet was an electric travel bidet, but I now have a fixed bidet in every bathroom in my home. The guys at got in touch and asked if I could give them a rundown on the Top 5 Best Electric Travel Bidets in the UK, from a real user’s point of view.

Travel Bidet Size

Travel bidets vary in size from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches (when not in use) and weigh between 200 and 360 grams. When travelling light, adding another device to your case or bag can weigh you down. However, travel bidets are cleverly designed to use up as little space as possible but still give you good cleaning power.

The bidets come in two components, the power unit and the water reservoir and here’s the clever bit, the power unit fits perfectly into the water reservoir when not in use, effectively halving the bidet’s size. You can double the quoted size of the bidet when the device is ready for use. The water reservoir diameter can range between 1.5 and 2.5 inches and this is the part you will be holding when using the bidet.

How Much Water do Travel Bidets Hold?

Everyone wants to know, do travel bidets hold enough water to do the job? Electric travel bidets hold between 110 ml to 230 ml of water. Each user’s requirements are different and you may find that, although a 110ml bidet is nice and compact, you may need to refill the reservoir more than once to get clean.

There are portable electric bidets that come with adapters so you can use a standard plastic water bottle attached to the power unit, giving you as much water as you will ever need. If you need more water than that, then I am afraid not even a bidet is going to help you!

Rechargeable Travel Bidets or Standard batteries?

In my experience, there is little to no difference in the power of the spray when comparing travel bidets with rechargeable or standard batteries. However, there are a few points you may want to consider.

When choosing which device to go for, bear in mind that you will have to charge a rechargeable bidet and that could mean carrying yet another USB charger or possibly plugging it into your work laptop’s USB port. This could make for an amusing conversation if a work colleague arrives in your hotel room unannounced.

Red faces aside, rechargeable travel bidets work for approximately 30 days (100 uses) on a single charge with a recharge time of about two hours. Standard batteries last for approximately 4 months with the same use. The caveat is there are no battery level indicators, so you could find yourself with a waning bidet spray or worse still no spray at all!

Do you have to hold down the button on an electric travel bidet to operate it?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when people are researching travel bidets. You do not have to hold down the buttons on an electric travel bidet to operate the water flow. The buttons on the bidets are the “click on-click off” type. You press the button and the water continues to stream until the user presses the button again or the water runs out.

The Top 5 Best Electric Travel Bidets

  • YAMI IPX6 Electric Travel Bidet – Best Value White Travel Bidet.
  • Blue Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer – Largest Water Reservoir Travel Bidet.
  • Hibbent Handy Portable Electric Bidet – Most Versatile Travel Bidet.
  • TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350-WH – Compact Discreet Travel Washlet.
  • TENSURE Electric Portable Bidet – Best All-Round Travel Bidet.

YAMI IPX6 Portable Travel Bidet

Best Value White Travel Bidet.

The Yami is the most popular electric travel bidet. The bidet measures a little over 6″ when stored and has a diameter of 1.9″. There is a 140 ml water reservoir and the pump operates on two AAA batteries. The power unit has low and high-pressure settings operated by using one of the two pushbuttons. Weight: 270 grams


Blue Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer

Largest Water Reservoir Travel Bidet.

This blue and white portable travel bidet has the largest water reservoir of all the bidets in the list at 230 ml, and although it has a larger diameter than the others at 2.5″ the storage length is a little under 6″. There is a large USB rechargeable internal battery that can last nearly a month on a full charge. Weight: 300 grams.


Hibbent Handy Portable Electric Bidet

Most Versatile Travel Bidet.

Hibbent produces great bidets for the home and travel market and this electric travel bidet is no exception. With a USB rechargeable internal battery, the bidet will last around 100 washes on a single charge, with the choice of high and low-pressure cleaning. The device is slightly larger at 7″ L x 2.3″ D but the real benefit of this travel bidet is that it comes with an adapter to attach the pump unit to a standard water bottle. Making it a versatile device if caught short when out and about. It is also slightly heavier than its rivals with a weight of 368 grams.


TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350

Compact Discreet Travel Washlet.

Toto is the market leader in washlet bidets and produces some of the most innovative smart bidets on the market today. The TOTO Washlet is a super compact but ultra-effective electric travel bidet that won’t disappoint. The bidet is 5.5″L x 3.6″w x 2.4″H when stored and weighs in at just under 250 grams using a single AA battery, so great for the light traveller. The water reservoir holds 180 ml and has low and high-pressure options for cleaning. There are a number of models available and as far as I can tell, there is little difference between the models. The bidets are made in Japan and have different model numbers depending on the country they are sold in. The TOTO Washlet has a premium travel case but unfortunately, you have to buy this separately.


TENSURE Electric Portable Bidet

Best All-Round Travel Bidet.

New on the market is the Tensure Electric Travel Bidet a great all-rounder. Another compact unit at 5.9″L x 1.65″D has a medium-sized 165 ml water reservoir powered by a lithium-ion USB rechargeable battery. Unfortunately, this only gives about 80 washes before you need to recharge the battery but that’s still good for a few weeks without needing a charge. The bidet is super light at 200 grams and comes with a standard water bottle adapter which can be a great backup when travelling.