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The Best Electric Bidet Toilet Seats in the UK

Electric bidet toilet seats are becoming super popular in bathrooms across Britain. Us Brits are finding out that using toilet paper is not only expensive but pretty unhygienic too. We have used toilet paper to clean ourselves simply because, until now, there have been very few options. Electric bidet toilet seats are enabling us to change our toilet habits. Giving us a faster, cleaner, hygienic more Eco-friendly way to clean between the cheeks! The online retailers are full of bidets but which are the best electric bidet toilet seats in the UK?

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Electric bidets are a fantastic addition to the bathroom for all members of the family. Elderly relatives or people with mobility issues can really benefit from using a bidet, giving them privacy and improving their quality of life.

If you are looking for a more simple option, there are many non-electric bidets available for users in the UK. Skip to Non-Electric Bidets in this article.

The Top 5 Electric Bidet Toilet Seats in the UK:

  • VOVO VB-4000 SE – Most Popular Electric Bidet in the UK
  • R FLORY FDB300 – Best Starter Electric Bidet.
  • BrookPad SplashLet 1300 RB – Best Remote Controlled Bidet
  • Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000 – Premium Electric Bidet.
  • BrookPad SplashLet 2100 RB – Best for Families with Auto Child Function.

Buying Bidets

Before we get into the top five bidets, a few quick buying tips:

  • VOVO are the most popular electric bidets in the UK.
  • A few suppliers of electric bidets have their own online stores but also hold stock on their stores within You will often find the products cheaper on amazon than the online stores (We don’t know why this is!).
  • If you are buying a bidet to help you with personal hygiene due to a medical need or disability or over the age of 60, you may be able to get VAT relief. More info can be found here HMRC, VAT Notice 701/7

The Top Five Electric Bidets in the UK

We’ve listed the Top 5 Electric Smart Bidet Toilet Seats. These Electric Bidet Toilet Seats all have great features. Let’s look at each of the bidets in the list:


The Vovo VB-4000 se is the most stylish electric bidet and it’s not surprising this bidet won a design award. With a neat comfortable fitting remote control, this is the first bidet in our list with an auto deodoriser. There are 3 levels of water, seat and blow-dry temperatures to suit most users. With a deep cleaning turbo wash nozzle, this is a very capable smart bidet. There are four main VOVO models and the differences are the VB 4—-, have the auto deodorant facility and the size varies slightly. The VB 3— bidets are quoted as being wider than the VB 6—- as they have side control panels instead of wireless remotes. You can find a model comparison table in the description here



Best Starter Electric Bidet Seat

Although we have classed the R Flory FDB300 as a starter bidet toilet seat, it is by no means basic. The seat has all the functions of a premium seat but won’t give you quite as many controls over the settings that a premium seat might give you. The auto seat switches off when not in use and the side panel is easily accessible.

The bidet doesn’t have on-demand water heating but a very capable 800 ml water tank for warm water washing, giving at least three washes before the tank will need to refill itself. The electronic bidet also comes with a 2-year warranty and has been bench tested 500,000 times to test the durability and longevity of the unit. On an average use of 4 times a day, that’s many years of reliable use!


BrookPad SplashLet 1300 RB

Best Remote Controlled Bidet

The Brookpad splashlet 1300RB is a great midrange smart bidet with a comprehensive wash system, using a 3-in-1 Stainless steel nozzle for rear wash, feminine wash, turbo wash, self-cleaning, extra intensive water jet, oscillating and gentle massage pulse functions. Unlike the Flory bidet, the Brookpad has 5 levels of water heat and 5 levels of water pressure. This particular model does not have an odour extractor unit.


Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000

Premium Bidet

The most well-known brand, Biobidet was the first electric bidet toilet seat in the UK. Used by the elderly and users with mobility difficulties. This bidet has all the features that you would expect from a premium brand. It does have a plastic nozzle rather than a stainless steel nozzle, which we would have expected on a bidet of this calibre. The bidet is popular with the elderly because it can be fitted with 50mm and 80mm risers. This enables the seat to be positioned considerably higher than the toilet bowl which can be a real benefit to users with mobility difficulties.


BrookPad SplashLet 2100 RB

Best Electric Bidet for Families with Auto Child Function

This bidet isn’t cheap but there is a reason! The Brookpad Splashlet 2100RB is fully functional with full control over water, seat heating and drying. The real benefit of this bidet is the ability to save 2 user settings so you can save the settings that suit you and your routine. The bidet has an auto wash and dry and an auto shut off feature in case someone leaves the toilet before the wash program has finished, great for kids who are just learning to use electric smart bidets!

Bidets that don’t require Electricity

If you are not quite convinced that an electric bidet is for you or it’s impossible to get power to the bathroom, there are plenty of bidet options that don’t require power. For example, there are non-electric bidet attachments for under £50 and electric travel bidets for under £20. We have also posted lots of articles and information on for you to read and decide what device is best for you.

Buying and using an Electric Bidet in the UK

Most bidet toilet seats are manufactured overseas and are made for worldwide use. As you can imagine there are many different models of toilets, so when buying an electric bidet toilet seat check the size fits your toilet. Most will, but it is worth checking. Many of the bidets come with a plug which may not be a UK plug. This should not matter as the majority of electric bidets will be fitted in the UK using a fused spur. The electrician will probably remove the plug and wire the bidet flex straight into the wall-mounted spur.

All the bidets are easy to fit yourself once the main services are in place. If you decide to upgrade your seat or want to remove it for extra cleaning, it’s a simple click and unclick removal system.

Water regulations and Bidet installation in the UK

The UK has strict guidelines which need to be followed when attaching bidets to the water supply. It is vital that the bidet does not back siphon into the drinking water supply. What does this mean?… If a bidet hose was to fall into the toilet bowl or the nozzle of a bidet was to come into contact with an overflowing toilet and there was a drop in water pressure, a small amount of dirty water from the toilet could end up in the bidet hose. Therefore contaminating the clean freshwater supply. You can check out the guidelines here

Here’s the good news, if you install an electric bidet toilet seat, they often have their own water tank so there is no risk of water supply contamination. In fact, Biobidet were the first company to have their bidets approved in the UK.