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If you’ve had a hard day and it’s cold and miserable outside, bathrooms can be a great place to relax and unwind. A fireplace for bathrooms can add that wow factor to a remodel, or create the ultimate spa-style experience. When installing a fireplace in the bathroom, your first thought is probably an electric fire or gas fire inset. Well, think again!

There is a far better option that can turn your bathroom into a warm, relaxing sanctuary. An affordable, easy to use, real flame fire that produces just the right amount of heat and it’s the Best Fireplace for Bathrooms.

Fireplaces in Bathrooms – What are the Options?

The problem with putting a fireplace in the bathroom is that gas fires need a vented flue or chimney to remove the burnt gases and if installing an electric fire, running power to the device is not always easy.

Of course, gas fires produce heat and have real flames and although electric fires produce instant heat, they don’t have real flames. There are also safety issues when installing an electric fire in the bathroom, water and electricity don’t mix very well!

How much Heat does a Bathroom really need?

Bathrooms are generally quite small rooms and don’t need an excessive amount of heat to get them up to temperature. Gas fires and electric fires both produce lots of heat, a bit unnecessary for the time you might spend in the bathroom.

So what can you do if you want a bathroom with a fire or fireplace? The answer is Bioethanol Tabletop Fires or Fireplaces! The fires are easy to use and the models come in many contemporary designs which would suit any bathroom.

What are Bioethanol Fires?

Bioethanol fires are made up of a simple receptacle that holds the bioethanol. This is called the burner, which is set into a contemporary frame.

When lit the bioethanol fire burns gently for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The real plus point of a bioethanol fire is, that they are completely ventless. This means they don’t need a flue of any kind, and this makes them the perfect fireplace for bathrooms.

The fires come in all shapes, sizes and contemporary designs. Tabletop fires can be placed on any stable surface and are totally portable. Bioethanol insets can be set into a wall if you are remodelling the bathroom. There are even freestanding bioethanol fireplaces that have a similar design to wood burners if you have the floor space.

Ventless Fireplace for Bathrooms

When looking for fires that can be installed in bathrooms, most people research ventless or vent-free gas fires. Although there are a few available online, these fires are usually run from propane gas and have high heat outputs and are usually built for heating reception rooms.

Bathrooms are relatively small rooms and although they can feel cold, don’t actually need much heat to warm them up.

Bioethanol fires are truly ventless fires, this means they don’t need separate ventilation. When burning, bioethanol fires produce heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Depending on the model, the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the fires is equivalent to one person’s natural breathing. If you have plants in your bathroom, they will love the carbon dioxide the fires produce!

How do they Work?

Simply fill the burner receptacle with the bioethanol fuel and light the burner with a match or lighter. The fuel will slowly ignite so there is no big puff that you might get when lighting a gas burner or fire.

The burners usually hold approximately 100 ml (3.3 oz) of fuel and will burn for about 1 hour 20 minutes. Perfect for that long soak in the bath.

Once all the fuel has burnt away the flames go out. If you want to finish with the fire early, simply extinguish the flames with the snuffer (provided). It’s just like putting out a candle!

How much heat do they produce?

The fires can really pack a punch in the heat department and can raise the temperature of a room by 37 – 40°F. Just enough heat to warm the room but not too much that its overpowering, especially if you like your baths HOT!

If you are looking for stats, a standard Tabletop Bioethanol Fire will produce approximately 2000 BTUs of heat energy or approximately 2 kW.

How much do Bioethanol Fires for Bathrooms Cost to Run?

Bioethanol fuel can be bought in Quart bottles and the more you buy, the cheaper the fuel becomes.

Using a 2000 BTU Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fire as an example, you can expect to get at least 3 hours burning for just under $14. If you love spending time in the bathroom, buying bioethanol fuel in bulk can bring the price down to under $2 an hour.

Don’t forget, you can also use your Bioethanol Tabletop Fire anywhere in the home or even outside in the backyard.

Are Bioethanol Fireplaces safe in Bathrooms?

Bioethanol fuel is eco-friendly and is manufactured by fermenting vegetable crops and using enzymes to convert the sugars in the vegetables into alcohol. This is then distilled and dried to create the fuel. The only products produced when burning bioethanol fuel in your home or back yard is Heat, Water Vapour and trace amounts of Carbon Dioxide.

Bioethanol fires have real flames… Fire, so safety precautions should be observed as with any fireplace producing heat and flames.