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Dudes can have a reputation for being dirty rotten scoundrels, but looking rough and being dirty is one way to make the ladies walk in the opposite direction. If you want to be dude perfect, then the DUDE WIPER has got what it takes to stay clean and smell fresh.

Who are

This is a great story of four Dudes living in an apartment post-graduation. Now, to say this apartment smelt nice was probably an overstatement. However, it was not all their fault. These guys actually wanted to smell clean and fresh but there were very few products on the market that were made just for guys.

The guys knew about baby wipes, but if you’re a dude, the last thing you want is to smell like a baby and have a packet of pink wipes fall out of your gym bag. These dudes wanted to change male hygiene routines and make it easier for dudes to keep fresh when on the go.

The Dudes ventured out of their Brocave to appear on ABC reality television program Shark Tank where they secured a $300,000 investment from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for a 25% stake in the company. They went on to secure deals with the Go Fas Racing team in NASCAR and the New York Jets running back Isaiah Crowell.

What products do The Dudes produce?

DUDEProducts are aimed at all dudes from Big Guys and Hard Core Marines to up and coming little dudes who are just starting out on their Dude journey. There is a whole range of products including Deodorants, all over body wipes, bidets and even Dude bombs to eliminate toilet smells. In fact, pretty much everything you need to keep your DUDE perfect.

dude products

Now, this site is about bidets and have a host of products to keep your butt clean, including a non-electric bidet attachment for your toilet called the DUDE wiper 1000.

The DUDE wipes are flushable and are great for when out and about, but flushing even flushable wipes down the toilet can still cause your toilet to clog and are definitely not a friend to septic tank systems. That’s why we prefer bidets for cleaning your butt! Let’s look at the DUDE wiper 1000 and see what it’s got to offer the Butts of Dudes in the bathroom.

More DUDE Products:

Dude Wiper Bidet 1000

The Dude Wiper 1000 is a non-electronic bidet attachment for your toilet. Two retracting, self-cleaning nozzles produce a targeted butt spray or refreshing mist which is controlled by a single control knob on the sleek designed side panel.

The Bidet Attachment comes in both black and white colors to suit your toilet.

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How to install the DUDE Wiper 1000

Installing the Dude wiper 1000 is a simple 20-minute job with 3 easy steps and you can do it yourself. So no plumber is required! Some toilet seats have low profile cushions under the seat, the dude wiper is ultra-thin but if you find the seat doesn’t quite sit properly, grab some toilet seat bumpers to take up the slack.

  1. Remove the toilet seat.
  2. Attach the freshwater inlet to the toilet tank water supply.
  3. Replace the toilet seat and you really are good to GO!

How does the Dude Wiper compare with other Bidets on the Market

The DUDE wiper is of course for dudes, but a dude might have the occasional visit from a Dude of different gender and these Dudes might require a bit more luxury. The dude wiper is not a warm water bidet which could give your visitor a bit of shock if the lady bits need some freshening first thing in the morning. There are many warm water bidets available with dual nozzles for that Dudette spritz between the legs.

What is the Female version of a Dude?

D U D E is now a gender-neutral word describing both male and female, well… Dudes. Dudette or Dudess have fallen by the wayside. The word Dude was first made popular by Jack Nicholson in the movie Easy Rider but has progressed to mean a gender-neutral cool person.

Don’t worry all Dudes can use the Dude wiper 1000 because it’s to clean your butt and we all have one of those right?