What is the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

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What is the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks?

If you are wondering what is the best toilet paper for your septic tank? The answer is none! That might surprise you, but the best toilet paper for septic tanks is NOT to use toilet paper at all – Install a Bidet. Bidets are taking bathrooms by storm, they are cheap to run, super hygienic and a godsend if your drains regularly clog or are part of a septic tank system.

Toilet papers that break down easily, like the kind of toilet paper needed for septic tanks, are by their very nature, thin. Now, I don’t know about you, but a strong toilet paper is important when it comes to hygiene and strong toilet paper is not the best toilet paper for the septic tank! In fact, on a smaller scale, RV owners with tanks are switching to bidets in their droves for this very reason. Installing cheap bidets on their RV Toilets like the popular Luxe Neo 120.

Quick dissolving toilet paper might have its benefits but hygienic cleaning between the cheeks is not one of them. Bidet users often say, If you had mud on your hands, would you rinse them with water or wipe them with tissue?

Modern Bidets are added to existing toilets (Jump to bidet models) and are no longer old-style additional units, using up space in your bathroom.

best toilet paper for septic tanks

There are many reasons why a bidet is a much better option than toilet paper for your septic tank. Read on to find out why you (and your septic tank) will love it if you get a bidet.

Bidets Save Money

Bidets are easy to install and can save you hundreds of dollars a year. You can purchase a bidet for under $40, which is a whole lot less than the cost of toilet paper annually for the average person. Add in family members and the toilet paper bill starts to mount up.

Not only will you not have to spend money on toilet paper, but less toilet paper means that your septic tank has to be emptied less often. Not even the best toilet paper for septic tanks can keep your septic system from filling up.

How to Prevent the Toilet and Drains from Clogging

We’ve all been there. Somebody in the family uses way too much toilet paper and clogs up your toilet. Wet wipes and flushable wipes can also clog up your septic system. A clogged toilet that won’t run away can cost hundreds to clear. Using a bidet instead of toilet paper solves this issue.

Environmentally Friendly

Even the best toilet papers for septic tanks are not environmentally friendly. Americans go through about 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper each year, not to mention the bleaches and wastewater that goes into toilet paper production. That’s a lot of waste going into our septic tanks and destroying the ecosystem that makes them efficient.

People who have bidets only go through a fraction of this amount. If you have a bidet, you don’t need toilet paper at all, although some people prefer to use a few squares to pat dry. Plus, think about how many trees would be saved!

Bidets – What are the choices?

There are 3 main types of bidets to choose from:

  1. Electronic bidet toilet seats
  2. Non-Electronic bidet attachments
  3. Bidet sprays

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Electronic bidets seats take the place of your existing toilet seat. They provide luxury functions like warm water cleaning, built-in dryer, heated seats, malfunction wash programs from soft stream to a massage facility for painful bottoms.

Bidet Attachment or Retrofit Bidets

Bidet attachments fit snugly under your existing toilet seat with a small control panel to the side. They are the cheapest bidet option and can be fitted yourself in under 30 mins.

how to keep septic tanks clean naturally

Bidet Sprayer

Bidet sprayers are a simple concept using a shower hose connected to a bidet spray. Just as effective as the previous bidet solutions, the bidet spray is discreet and an inexpensive way to add a bidet to your toilet.

handheld bidet spray bum gun
Handheld bidet spray

How can I Look after my Septic Tank Naturally

Septic tanks thrive on good bacteria which breaks down the solids. If you put a chlorine-based bleach down the toilet, it kills the good bacteria, simple as that!

Using Oxygen bleach is not only an eco-friendly product, but it also produces plenty of oxygen when mixed with water. The oxygen then helps the good bacteria in the septic tank to break down the solids. Put 1/2 cup of sodium percarbonate straight down the toilet and flush, once every two weeks. I use a small amount in my washing too. It helps remove stains and odors from clothes without the use of other chemicals that OxiClean products might have.

So, if you’re thinking about whether you should find better toilet paper or just purchase a bidet, the answer is clear. The benefits of using a bidet far outweigh the benefits of toilet paper. Not only is it cost-effective to use a bidet, but it is much better for your septic system.