What is Trending in Bathrooms This Year

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If you haven’t got a bidet (2022’s hottest new bathroom accessory) or bathroom wall art in your bathroom this year then you need to rethink your bathroom design ideas! Although bathrooms have less wall space than other rooms in the house, a few thought-provoking pictures or interesting artworks carefully placed can make your bathroom a place of calm and tranquillity. Overdo the artwork and you risk ruining the beautiful space. So what is trending in bathrooms this year (including bidets)?

Bidets – Really?

Oh yes! The modern bidet is spreading west and they are the new way to clean in the bathroom. Originally found in French bathrooms and across Europe in the 17th century, bidets used to be an additional low down basin next to the toilet for… well, washing your butt. These days, stylish design and impressive technology have combined the toilet and bidet to give us a discreet and hygienic way to clean after using the toilet. They are also the hottest bathroom accessory after we all experienced the great toilet paper shortage of 2020! As a bonus bidets are super eco-friendly reducing the need for toilet paper and toilet wipes.

Electric bidet toilet seats can be fitted to existing toilets. Also popular are toilet bidet combination systems that have bidets built into the toilet bowl. If you are remodelling your bathroom this year, then adding a bidet will leave you feeling fresh, clean and definitely on trend.

3D Wall Art for the Bathroom

3D wall art in the bathroom is trending in bathrooms this year, adding depth, texture and a clean style to the modern bathroom. Geometric Stag Heads can add a real focal point to a bare wall. The stag heads are made of resin so can withstand the steamy environment. They are available in a range of colors and different sizes to suit your bathroom. A cleverly positioned stag head with antlers opposite a mirror could produce an amusing image for whoever is looking in the mirror!

Brass mirrors and faucets give a feeling of luxury and are extremely popular. A Stag Head with Gold Antlers could really complement your luxury bathroom fittings.

Adding metal wall art or adding words to your bathroom wall is a great way to add texture and depth and still allow the wall colors to shine through.

Although bathrooms are a great place to relax and unwind, Time can get away from you when getting ready to go to work, so keeping an eye on the time is important. 3D Surface Wall Clocks Kits are a great way to fill space on a bathroom wall, whatever the size.

Wall Art for Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms are well ventilated and better insulated than they used to be, so you needn’t worry about putting pictures on your bathroom walls. Modern canvas copes well with changes of temperature and humidity and you will be quite safe placing a picture behind glass in a frame as long as the back is well sealed with thick paper.

Nobody wants pictures of friends or family in their bathroom but if you are an animal lover, then adding a picture of your favorite pet or animal can put a smile on your face. Especially while you have nothing better to do than look at three walls for five minutes… if you know what I mean!

Bathroom Wall Art

Add a Pet Rogues Gallery to your bathroom wall.

Humorous Wall Art

Adding a bit of humour to your bathroom wall can certainly give guests, friends and family a good laugh if you need to fill a bare wall in the guest bathroom.