Which Electric Bidets have a Remote Control

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Electric bidet toilet seats are one of the greatest bathroom inventions since the toilet. However, a bidet with a remote can take bidet control to the next level, but which electric bidets have a remote control?

The vast majority of bidet toilet attachments and electronic bidet toilet seats have side control panels or manual control levers right next to the toilet seat. As handy as this might for ease of reach, these panels and levers are not the most practical.

Side panels could get covered with clothing and if you need glasses to see anything further than the length of your arm, you could very easily select the wrong program.

For example, drying before you’ve washed or worse still being a male and selecting the feminine wash function! Of course, there is no danger making these bidet faux pars but having a remote control in your hand, right where you can see it, will make all the difference.

Which Electric Bidets Have a Remote Control? – The Top Five

There are electronic bidet toilet seats or smart bidets as they are also known to suit every budget from $200 to a blow you off the bowl $2000!

  1. Luxe Bidet Luxelet E890
  2. BioBidet BB-1000SW
  3. Brondell Swash 1400
  4. Lotus Smart Bidet
  5. Kohler K-BH93

Remote Control Bidet vs Side Panel Bidet

Electric Bidet Toilet Seats
Side Panel
Limited MobilityNo twisting or awkward to reach side panel.
Easy to ViewHold the panel where it can be easily seen.
Require BatteriesRemotes will need batteries replacing.
AmbidextrousGreat for left handers or for users with hand disabilities
Good for the ElderlyEasy to view panel and program selection
MountingSide panels are fixed, remotes may need to be placed somewhere when not in use
Clean DesignSome side panels can spoil the look of the toilet seat.

Remote Control Mounting

All bidets that have a remote come with a mounting bracket that can either be fixed to the wall with screws or fixed using double-sided sticking tape. However, it is worth considering that not all toilets are placed near a sidewall. Most users in this situation leave the remote on top of the toilet tank or fix the remote mounting plate to the wall behind the toilet and simply grab the remote before they sit down.

Elderly bidet users and people with disabilities or injuries often mount the remote control in the most comfortable place to enable them to use it and never remove it from the mount.

There is no need to hunt for left-handed bidets either, the remote can be used whichever side is most comfortable!

Clean Design Styling

Electric bidets with remotes are discreet and great for bidet users who like the clean design of a natural toilet seat without the control panel sticking out from the side.